Here's the plan

If we each commit to making sure our friends, family, whānau, neighbours and people we know in our communities are enrolled to vote and actually cast their vote, we are going a long way to achieving the Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment. To help you enroll people in your community we have set up an enrolment and voting centre for you to use. So here’s how:

Make sure they're enrolled to vote

Think about ten people you know. The icons below represent these people so add their names so you can keep track of who you have talked to. The first thing to check is if they are enrolled.

Make a voting plan

Making a plan to vote involves talking with the people you have enrolled and working out where your nearest polling booth is, when is the best day for them to vote and picking a time to make it happen.

Make it happen

Early voting starts 3rd of October and you can vote from then until election day on the 17th of October.